Generic FUN/GF

Generic FUN/GF is an open media identity which D.A.Carner sometimes uses for public collaborative activities. Deric Carner is an media and installation artist, graphic designer, and independant cultural instigator. Under the moniker of Generic FUN, and with the help of others, he has organized autonomous exhibitions, publications and video screenings.

Generic FUN is interested in productive fantasies, substantive exchanges, and unexpected outcomes. GF blurs the lines between art, action, design and life. Generic FUN supports risk, experimentation, and dialog in non-commercial, attitude-free environments.

Double Feature, video mash nights, Rotterdam, 2004
Reading Room, bookworks show, Rotterdam, 2004
Journal of Reproducible Art, zine, 2003, 2004
Other Routes, group show, NYC, 2002
The Abandoned Playground, group show, NYC, 2001